The complete activities of BARACA include the following:

1. Treatments and Rehabilitation (Male & Female)
2. Organizing awareness programs
3. Drop-in-center (DIC)
4. Day care  & Night shelter for street children
5. Income generating projects
6. HIV/ AIDS, STI, Hepatitis B & C prevention programs
7. Library and Research
8. Networking among the drug treatment & rehabilitation centers
9. Training for the staffs of BARACA & different rehabilitation centers
10. Follow-up
11. VCT (Voluntary Counseling & Testing)

1. Treatment and Rehabilitation :(Male & Female)

The treatment procedure is based on the therapeutic community (TC). In addition to this, BARACA uses the NA (Narcotics Anonymous) principles and other methods in a systematic and synchronized way to provide effective treatment that are accepted worldwide. There is separate arrangement for Male and Female.

The treatment procedure followed at BARACA includes the following:
1. Detoxification
2. Educational classes
3. N.A. Meeting
4. Personal Counseling
5. Family Counseling
6. Group Therapy
7. Occupational Therapy
8. Recreational Therapy
9. Relaxation Therapy
10. Vocational Training

The aim of Treatment and Rehabilitation is whole person recovery. So recovery can be termed as:


Recovery = Abstinence + Growth

What is Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation can be termed as regaining the losses one faced during his active drug depending life. Rehabilitation is a continuous process primarily related to self-development. Through this continuous development of the self, one regains the consciousness, awareness and the moral power that once was his own. A new life reveals itself to the person, a life full of belief in the Creator, love towards the life, ethics and principles, patience and tolerance, forgiveness, humility, sobriety, honesty, joy and peace. Unconditional and sincere attitude towards this self-development process helps the drug dependent person to stay free of drugs till the end of his life.
Course Duration - 5 month (4 month treatment & 1 month aftercare)


2. Awareness programs:
'Prevention is better than cure' with the idea BARACA organizes awareness programs all over the country. To assist groups/community organizations/social bodies/educational institutions/ family members to help create awareness against drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B & C within community sphere.


3. Drop-in-Center (Male & Female):
BARACA provides a secured and healthy environment to the homeless people who live in the streets or to the people who are highly neglected in the society. These people are made aware of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections and are encouraged to take treatment so that they may achieve a better living standard. BARACA is conducting two drop-in centers separately. One is for males and another for females.


4. Day care & Night shelter for street children:
BARACA Children's Day care & Night shelter is a healthy and safe environment where children up to age 18 living alone or with family on the streets are given various services indiscriminately with empathy to develop their life standard and to reduce risk and harm at the same time.


5. Income generating projects:
To promote more institutional activities, BARACA is running some income generating projects. The projects are established on BARACA's own ground, which includes poultry farming, fishery, cattle rearing. BARACA helps the recovering addicts to generate their income and employment scopes by motor mechanical garage, Mobile servicing, diesel engine repairing, Volcanizing, seasonal vegetable selling, etc.


6. HIV/ AIDS, STI, Hepatitis B & C prevention programs:
In addition to treatment of the clients, BARACA provides information on HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STD/STI) and Hepatitis B & C to people of different educational institutions, organizations and family members.


7. Library and Research Program:
To increase the efficiency and knowledge of the working staffs, BARACA constantly collects and provides them with the updated knowledge and information related to drugs and drug use treatments, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis worldwide. This is done by 'BARSU', which stands for 'BARACA Research & Study Unit'.


8. Networking:
To build up strong unity among the like minded organization BARACA is maintaining strong network.This network partners ensures standaring modern treatment policies and provide realistic ideas and concepts to the people about drug abuse, its effective treatment and expose them to recent drug related situations.


9. Staff Training:
To make treatment more effective and up-to-date, BARACA arranges training sessions or workshops for the BARACA and other networking partners. Specilized persons with in the country or from the overseas are conduct this session.


10. Follow-up:
BARACA continue to keep contacts with its clients to know their status six months to two years after their treatment. This data helps BARACA to determine its treatment effectiveness and the rate of relapses and thus undertakes necessary measures with additions and revisions.


11. VCT:
BARACA has a mobile VCT unite. Its conducts VCT campaigns across the different treatment centers of Bangladesh for the clients and their family members to determine HIV/AIDS, STI and HBV/HCV.