Context of the drug problem in Bangladesh and the history of BARACA:

Context of Bangladesh:

Though use of various types of drugs started from the very beginning in Bangladesh, narcotic type drugs entered in Bangladesh primarily in the eighties when it became a national and social problem. From the geographical indication Bangladesh located in the "Golden triangle" in Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand), the "Golden crescent" of South-West Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran), it is located also in the midst of golden ways of South-middle Asia. Bangladesh has direct Air and Naval connections with these drug producing countries. As the drug dealers made Bangladesh the crossroad of international drug trafficking, synthetic drug consumers developed gradually in the country.

Source: UNODC

History of BARACA:

Since there was no effective drug treatment in Bangladesh, it was highlighted as a totally new problem for everyone and alarming worries. Particularly when there was no effective formal common physical & mental treatment, the drug dependant persons and their families faced deep frustration and indescribable miseries. In this situation Holy Cross community and a few devoted Fathers, Brothers and Sisters with some affected guardians came forward and with their cordial efforts BARACA started its journey on 1st July 1988.

Mostly used drugs in Bangladesh :

1. Narcotics Analgesics -
Opium, Heroine/Brown Sugar, Codeine (Phensidyl, Corex, Richodex), Morphine, Meperidine (Pathedine), Buprenorphine (Tidigesic, Bounogesic, Monogesic, Tonogesic, Lupigesic).
2. Stimulants -
Cocaine (some use), Amphetamines (Ephedrine), Methamphetamines (Yaba), Ketamine (some use), Nicotine (Cigarette, Biri, Churut, Gul, Jorda, Tobacco Leaf).
3. Depressants -
Alcohol (Liquire, Rectified Spirit, Beer), Barbiturates, Tranquillizers (Benzodiazepines-Sedil, Seduxen, Fizepam, Nitrazepam, Lorazepam).
4. Cannabis -
Ganja, Hashish/Charash, Bhang oil, Shisha
5. Inhalant -
Glue, Adhesive, Dendrite (Dandy)