A Tribute to BARACA center from Department of Narcotics Control for providing quality treatment and rehabilitation

On 26th June, 2012 the Department of Narcotics Control - affiliated with the home ministry of Peoples republic of Bangladesh has awarded 2nd position to Caritas Bangladesh project Bangladesh Rehabilitation and Assistance Center for Addicts (BARACA) as a tribute to their contribution in providing quality treatment and rehabilitation services of drug addicts. Coordinator of BARACA Mr. Bokul Francis Costa received this prestigious recognition on behalf of the team within the presence of the chief guest - Home Minister of the Government of Peoples republic of Bangladesh Advocate Sahara Khatun and special guest - Advocate Shamsul Haque Tuku  and Minister Abul Kalam Azad (Ministry of Information), Director General of the Department of Narcotics Control Khandaker Mohammed Ali being the chairperson of the gathering, in the Osmani Memorial Hall, Dhaka followed by a flamboyant ceremony. In this program more special guests were present i.e, Secretary of Home Ministry C. Q. K. Mushtaq Ahmed, two Directors from DNC. Local and Foreign Representatives (outnumbered 2000 persons) of twenty six government and non-government organizations were also present in the gathering.


Itís remarkable that the first Drug addict treatment and rehabilitation center of Bangladesh (BARACA) was established on 1988. Till then BARACA has been serving the nation and supporting for treatment and rehabilitation among the addicts unprofitably. In addition to the execution of drug addict treatment and rehabilitation program, BARACA is also providing improved services and care for harm and risk reduction (primary health care, day care , vocational training) for street children, women and male who are very vulnerable target groups  of drugs, HIV,STD/STI, Hepatitis  B&C.