1. Treatment & Rehabilitation for FEMALE Substance Users:
The treatment procedure is based on the Therapeutic Community (TC). In addition to this, BARACA uses the NA (Narcotics Anonymous) principles and other methods in a systematic and synchronized way to provide effective treatment which are accepted worldwide.
The treatment procedure followed at BARACA includes the following:
1. Detoxification
2. Psycho Education
3. N.A. Meeting
4. Counseling (Personal & Family)
5. Group Therapy
6. Occupational Therapy
7. Recreational Therapy
8. Relaxation Therapy
9. Vocational Training

10. Family MeetingThe aim of BARACA Treatment and Rehabilitation Center is Total recovery of an addicted person.       So recovery can be termed as:
Recovery = Abstinence + Growth

Duration of Treatment Course :

BARACA provides treatment services to the addicted clients admitted at it’s Treatment Center (TC) for a period of 4 (Four) months. There is scope for 1/2 months After- Care program according to the need, on completion of 4 months main treatment course, at lower fee. Besides, BARACA always keep it’s hand extended to offer any kind of service to the recoveries who completed treatment course from BARACA Treatment Center.
Location of the BARACA Female TC:

BARACA Female TC is located at 17/19, Azam Road (3rd floor), Mohammadpur (Very near to Mohammadpur Town Hall Market), Dhaka – 1207. It is within one kilometre from Jatio Sangsad.


17/19, Azam Road (3rd floor),

Block-D, Mohammadpur


Mobile: 01736-640865, T&T No.9112954 (Liaison Office in Dhaka)

E-mail: baracabd@dhaka.net

Website: www.baracabd.com